Author: Clifton Garza

Best Modern Retro Living Room Ideas That Work

If you look at the most like living room photos on social media, you won’t miss retro influence in the decorations. Retro is timeless but also chic and will be perfect for any living room setting. Incorporating traditional designs like vintage globes and hanging chairs improves your living room’s aesthetic value, making it charming.

What Retro Living Room Ideas Should You Adopt?

You won’t spend an arm and a leg on upgrading your living room with retro items. Just visit your local vintage shop and buy stylish items without bankrupting yourself. Below are retro ideas you can adopt for your living room.

Mid-century Modern Daybed

You can choose a mid-century daybed to anchor your living space. You can select the retro-styled fabric to reupholster your seat, giving it a vintage look. You can accessorize it with a burgundy leather chair from the 70s to complete the look.

Awesome Retro Wall Decoration

You can transform a boring wall by creating vintage shelves and hanging vintage globes from the stands. This decoration is ideal for a home office setting which you can complement by including an old school desk. Your office will upgrade from a regular boring home office to a colourful, sophisticated one without bankrupting you.


Retro is a way of life that can save you a lot when it comes to interior decorations. Just choose colours that complement your existing furniture before throwing in old school vintage furniture items from the 60s and 70s.

8 Interior Design Blogs to Inspire Your Home Design

Are you interested in designing the interiors of your home? If you are, here are some of the best interior design blogs to give you an idea of how to go about it.


Decorilla is an online decorating company. Clients send their interior design ideas, and then Decorilla matches them with designers who understand their concept and personality. The designer then works on various designs and presents those to the client to choose based on their budget and style.

Also, the blog regularly features posts on interior designs and décor. It is one of the few platforms where you can access a designer by just clicking on their blog.


Cococozy is a blog launched and managed by an interior designer known as Coco. She creates outfits that are supposed to match events or occasions worldwide, held in unique and impeccably designed homes.


Dpages’ primary focus is to celebrate art, architecture, and design. The blog gets managed by interior designers who are up to date with unique and new interior designs. It covers everything from lighting, furniture, fabric, and landscape design.

Wit & Delight

Wit & Delight is a lifestyle blog that covers topics on food, personal style, food, and motherhood. In addition, it features interior designs and produces a podcast on fashion and life weekly. Kate Arends is the blogger behind Wit & Delight.


Tylko is a blog that focuses on the best and up-to-date furniture designs. You can also get amazing shelves designed to your taste and preference.

Emily Everyday

Emily Blanchard is an inspiration for interior designs. She regularly posts styling tips and illustrates how to make the best out of your home. She is passionate about interior design and periodically takes you on some of her store adventures.

The Emerald Studio

The Emerald Studio features event design, interior design, and a brand collection. It works with graphic designers, brand developers, and artists to give you the best interior design content. Here you can get unique and new interior design tips.


Athena Calderone is an interior designer, entertaining expert, and accomplished home chef. She started the blog EyeSwoon with a philosophy that everything from cooking to anything home-related should uniquely and enticingly presented. It mainly focuses on entertaining interior home designs.

From these blogs, you can get unique interior design ideas that can make your home exceptional and incomparable.

Scandinavian Interior Design Furniture and Decorations Guide

Scandinavian interior design focuses on styles that are functional and simple. To create the best interiors, simple lines and clean aesthetics should be combined. The design style has kept evolving over the years. It is vital to identify the best furniture and decorations to come up with modern Scandinavian interior designs. Read on to get more ideas.


One of the most important elements of Scandinavian interior design space is nature. You can bring beautiful nature indoors in form of art of beautiful landscapes like mountains and forests. Natural elements add rejuvenating ambiance to any space. Plants are also a great addition because they provide a pop of color to the neutral color palette.

Clean lines

Scandinavian designs even though they have evolved with time, they still maintain the same characteristics of simple natural hues and clean lines. The difference between traditional and modern designs is color. Mid-century design focuses on darker color palette while modern focuses on light and bright colors.


Storage is a form of décor in Scandinavian homes. Make sure the storage pieces are designed beautifully. In most cases, shelves and racks are made from natural wood. They are then painted with a cool paint for a smooth finish. Opt for light wood like pine and ash for a smooth finish. For more inspiration check out Tylko’s article about Scandinavian interior design on this link:

Neutral color palette

Whites are the most vital characteristics of any Scandinavian interior design. Long winter days require bright and light spaces to maintain positive energy. The color palette needs to comprise soft natural shades like greys, nude, and aqua tones. The design focuses on reducing colors to provide a minimalistic look. Colors need to be soft to ensure the space looks uniform and bright. Choose cool lighting to bring brightness, warmth, and color to any room.

Natural textures

Natural materials like brick, stone, and wood provide the texture needed for any Scandinavian design space. Paint the walls white and have natural wood flooring to create the perfect outcome. Wood flooring can easily be softened with sheepskins or rugs. Natural textures add a modern touch to the furniture. In addition to providing functionality, they also offer warmth during winter. Scandinavian interiors offer functionality and simplicity. The warm textiles, natural materials, and simple patterns all contribute to comfort. The designs are timeless and the perfect setting for any room. Shop around from different stores to get the best furniture and decorations.